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Maryland 24/7

During the week of May 12-18, 2003, more than 25,000 professional and amateur and student photographers spread out across the nation to shoot photographs with the goal of capturing the essence of daily life for publication in America 24/7. We were challenged to depict our communities, states, and our country, but with one very important stipulation. All photographs had to be created with digital cameras. Film cameras were not allowed to be used during the project.


Over a million photographs were submitted via the internet, which were then painstakingly selected by 36 leading photo editors from across the nation. The images were culled down to 20,000 of the very best, representing 3,000 photographers from the original assembly. The selected photos were transferred into a web archive software system, which served as a central image library and enabled the designers to track, search, distribute, and reformat the images for the creation of the 53 books, foreign language editions, web and magazine syndication, posters, and exhibitions.

Six of my photographs were chosen for the state book publication Maryland 24/7. The 487 images in Maryland 24/7, both expansive and intimate, add up to a panoramic glimpse of life-in-progress in the Old Line State. I've presented on my website both my published images from the project and selected out takes that, in my opinion, deserve another look.  

Maryland 24/7

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