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Mondawmin Subway Station Mural

Selected in February 1979 by the Mass Transit Administration of Maryland Arts Panel to conceptualize and develop a permanent photographic mural for the Mondawmin Station of the Baltimore Subway System. Described briefly, the imagery consists of abstracted human faces that are screen printed onto a backlit translucent material known as Panaflex. The material is stretched and mounted onto three 10' X 12' light boxes located above the mezzanine pedestrian level. Titled Archetype, the mural was installed in 1983 at a total cost of $85,000, which would approximately translate into a quarter million of today's dollars.

The expansion of scale, the application of contemporary materials and the subway space conceptualization in cathedral proportions were all components which determined the scope and nature of a permanent photographic mural, a work which crossed design barriers where it could not be weighed by values of traditional photography.

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